Skills are what you use to preform various feats in HATE. The higher the skill the better. Skills are modified by your stats, and different skills rely on different stats.

Improving Skills Edit

Improving your skills are simple enough, and there are two ways to do it:

1. Using them:

As you use you skills you will spend your XP to gain IP in your skills. Each IP raises your skill's raw by .01. The XP you must spend depends on the skill and your raw in that skill.

You can use the

grind [skill]

command to focus grinding on one skill. That skill will gain IP faster.

2. Getting someone to teach you

Being taught a skill requires a whole lot more XP than traditional grinding, but it's much faster, as it raises you to the next raw. A skill will say on the score sheet how much XP it needs to be taught up, and the number will turn a handy green when you have enough.

Most people on tradenet will be happy to teach you skills for free, but if you can't find a fellow player to teach you, certain NPCs can teach you, but they'll have to charge.

List of SkillsEdit

Skill Description Stat(s) Used
Appraise Used to check the value of items and to evaluate your enimies Brains, Senses
Blades Used when slicing people to bits Reflexes, Cool
Bombs Used when trying to blow shit up that isn't you. Unless you really want to... Brains, Cool
Chemistry Used when crafting with chemicals Brains
Climb Used when climbing walls, ropes and cliffs Reflexes, Endurance
Clubs Used when bashing in heads with heavy things Brawn, Reflexes
Craft Used when cooking, sewing and crafting anything else that doesn't need a special skill. Also used when modifying weapons Senses, Brains
Dodge Used when avoiding getting hit Senses, Reflexes
Firearms Used when shooting guns Cool, Reflexes
Fish Used when fishing Cool, Endurance
Fists Used when killing people with your bare hands Brawn, Endurance
Flails Used when attacking with flail weapons
Focus Used for various mutations Endurance, Senses
Fuck Used for sexhaving, and rape Endurance, Senses
Hack Used when hacking cameras, computers and scanlocks Brains
Linguist Used when learning other languages. Relatively useless. Brains
Locksmith Used when breaking and entering and preventing other people from breaking and entering Brains, Reflexes
Medic Used when healing yourself and others Brains, Senses
Persuade Used when conning people out of their hard-earned cash Brains, Cool
Pilot Driving anything with a wheel or a joystick

Brains, Reflexes

Quickdraw Used when wielding weapons mid-combat Cool, Reflexes
Repair Used to repair armor and weapons Brains
Ride Riding a motorcycle or a skateboard Cool, Reflexes
Scavenge Used when searching for cool stuff, and butchering corpses Senses, Endurance
Science Used when preforming SCIENCE!! Brains
Sneak Avoiding cameras Cool, Senses
Spears Stabbing things with pointy objects Endurance, Reflexes
Swim Not drowning Endurance
Teach Teaching people how to kill things Brains
Throw Used when throwing anything Brawn, Senses
Torture Not sure what this does. I think it modifies elemental damage Cool, Endurance
Track Used when hunting people down Senses
Wrestle Used when raping people throwing newbies into the furnace Reflexes, Endurance
Whips Indiana Johns

Reflexes, Senses